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The Secret to Media Success for Blockchain Companies

  • Localytics 2 Center Plaza Boston, MA, 02108 (map)

About the Event

Please join us for an exciting evening where we bring together industry leaders in the Blockchain Media space to discuss the impact and future of media in the blockchain and crypto world. We will be serving drinks and light refreshments throughout the evening.


  • David Wachsman - Founder of Wachsman PR
  • Margaux Avedisian - EVP of Transform PR
  • Nicholas Merten - Founder of Data Dash
  • Moderated By Julian Jung - Partner Game Theory Group


Wachsman PR - Founded in December 2015 by David Wachsman, the agency has become a leader in generating exposure and brand recognition for the most trusted organizations in the blockchain, digital currency, crypto-asset, and crowdfunding industries. Wachsman PR has represented, Dash, Kik, Steem, Lisk, Polymath, Coindesk, and many more.

Transform Group PR - Transform PR is the Firm’s public relations practice, having represented more than 150 companies, organizations and projects in the sectors since 2013, and more than 60 token crowdsales (ICOs), including Aeternity, Augur, Bancor, Bittrex, Counterparty, Dash, Decentral/Jaxx, Ethereum, Factom, Giga Watt, Golem Network, Gnosis, Gyft, Incent, KnCMiner, Kraken, Lisk, Mastercoin/Omni, MaidSafe, Qtum, Rivetz, SALT Lending, ShapeShift, Storj, Syscoin, Swarm and WAX Token.

Data Dash - Data Dash is the largest crypto youtube channel with nearly 300K subscribers. It is a one-stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies, data analytics & science, and spotting global trends through cutting-edge analysis.

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