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(SOLD OUT) Developer Training: Blockchain Fundamentals

  • Wayfair 4 Copley Place, Floor 7 Boston, MA, 02116 United States (map)

About the Event


In this 1 day bootcamp, we will cover the following:

  • Blockchain/Ethereum Concepts - Intro to Blockchain and Ethereum in particular. You will learn the concepts of Smart Contract, accounts, gas, various Ethereum networks etc.
  • Intro to Solidity - Solidity is one of the most popular programming languages used to implement smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. You will learn the basics of Solidity and various patterns used in Smart contract development.
  • Build a Dapp - You will implement a smart contract using Solidity and interact with it from command line. You will also use a javascript library (web3js) to implement the frontend to interact with your smart contract.
  • Deployment - You will learn the nuances of deploying smart contracts to the Ethereum network and deploy your contract to the public Ethereum network. You are encouraged to interact with other students contracts on the public network.


  • At least one year experience with an Object Oriented Programming language
  • Basic Javascript and HTML knowledge will help
  • Macbook/Linux laptop. Windows is fine as long as you are comfortable setting up the environment.

*Instructions will be sent 3 days before the workshop to install the necessary software packages so you don’t waste any time setting up your environment in the workshop.