Academic Research

 Sandy Pentland, Professor at MIT

Sandy Pentland, Professor at MIT


MIT Digital Currency Initiative Team | WEbsite

Academic researchers 

Christian Catalini | Linkedin

Professor, MIT Sloan - ICOs & crypto economics

Ethan Heilman | website

Grad Student at Boston University, Co-Founder of Commonwealth Crypto

Gary Gensler | website

Professor, MIT Sloan - public policy

Maurice Herlihy | website

Professor, Brown - distributed systems

Michael Casey | Linkedin

Author & Senior Advisor, MIT Digital Currency Initiative

Neha Narula | Linkedin

Director, MIT Digital Currency Initiative

Sharon Goldberg | Linkedin

CEO, Commonwealth Crypto - exchanges

Silvio Micali | Linkedin

CEO, Algorand - next gen blockchain & transaction platform

Sandy Pentland | Linkedin

Professor, MIT - ML for blockchain + additional areas of focus

Primavera de Filippi | Linkedin

Research Fellow at Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University


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