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Demystifying Blockchain Technology: A Road Map for Business Professionals

  • Anchor Room 50 Milk Street Boston, MA, 02110 United States (map)

About this Event

While Bitcoin and its many incarnations are garnering all the attention, Blockchain, the underlying technology powering Bitcoin is promising to revolutionize businesses in unimaginable ways. From record keeping to facilitating transactions to identity management, endless solutions are being proposed that could transform how businesses operate in the next few years. As a business manager, the intense discussions in the media about Blockchain, the cryptic details of the underlying technologies and the limited proof-points as of date have led many to question the potential of Blockchain technologies to solve real business problems.

This workshop, geared toward business and financial professionals, will introduce you to the world of Blockchain technologies beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

  • The drivers that led to Blockchain development

  • How Blockchain works and why it has garnered the attention it currently demands

  • The current state-of-the-art and innovative applications that have been made possible due to Blockchain

  • How the future would evolve with the adoption of Blockchain in various businesses and discuss frontier applications startups are developing that could challenge the current business ecosystems as we know today

  • Various risks and roadblocks to this vision including technological and regulatory concerns

  • Success stories and how to create a checklist to evaluate whether you are ready for the upcoming revolution!

Sri Krishnamurthy, CFA, is the founder of QuantUniversity, a data and quantitative analysis company, and the creator of the Analytics Certificate program and the Fintech Certificate program. He has more than 15 years of experience in analytics, quantitative analysis, statistical modeling, and designing large-scale applications. Previously, Mr. Krishnamurthy has worked for Citigroup, Endeca, and MathWorks and has consulted with more than 25 customers in the financial services and energy industries. He has trained more than 1,000 students in quantitative methods, analytics, and big data in the industry and at Babson College, Northeastern University, and Hult International Business School, many of whom work in data science roles at financial services firms. Mr. Krishnamurthy earned an MS in computer systems engineering and an MS in computer science from Northeastern University and an MBA with a focus on investments from Babson College.

Hosted by QuantUniversity