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Discuss Cryptocurrency Ethics with MIT's DCI

  • MIT Media Lab 75 Amherst Street Cambridge, MA, 02142 (map)

About this Event

The DCI's mission is to steward cryptocurrency technology for the public good. As part of that mission, we're focused on the ethics and impact of blockchain technology (like our podcast, Grey Mirror!). "Cryptocurrency Ethics" doesn't really exist as a field, so we're excited to host this event to kickstart that conversation with like-minded ethicists and philosophers! In addition to DCI ethicists (like Rhys Lindmark and Neha Narula), we'll have folks from the Media Lab, Harvard's Berkman Klein Center, and others from the Boston tech ethics and cryptocurrency communities. Please stop by!

We'll discuss:

  • Your interest in cryptocurrency ethics! (We'll set aside most of the time for folks to connect, share, and co-explore their interest this topic.)

  • The "hot topics" in cryptocurrency ethics like privacy vs. transparency, sound money in countries with hyperinflation, diversity and inclusion, etc.

  • What cryptocurrency ethics can learn from adjacent fields like AI Ethics and Biotech Ethics.

  • How cryptocurrency should think about related movements like RadicalXChange.

  • The different mental models we can use in this field. e.g. Philosophical ethics (Effective Altruism), complex systems, etc.

  • How to think about cryptocurrency as a new institution, type of money, and category of trust.

Note: lunch will not be provided but you're welcome to bring a sack lunch! (Or eat beforehand.)