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[Breakfast with Arwen] Innovation, Regulation, and America vs Asia

About this Event

Join the Arwen team for a community breakfast. We'll discuss where innovation meets regulation and why it's time to learn mandarin.

Arwen is building the new standard of cryptocurrency exchange security. We solve the problem of exchange hacks and lost assets by enabling self-custody in centralized trading.

While our team is developing global relationships in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem, we're seeing the fastest adoption and innovation coming out of Asia.


  • Sharon Goldberg - Arwen, CEO/Co-Founder

  • Eric Meltzer - InBlockchain, Partner

  • Jennifer Jiang - BlockTEST, CEO/Co-Founder

We'll discuss:

  • Why Asia might be outpacing America and why you should care about it

  • How to approach cryptocurrency regulation as a startup

  • Doing your diligence on international partnerships

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