Boston Blockchain Week Tracks

Boston Blockchain Week 2019 is structured around a series of tracks. Check out events in each track throughout the week!



Regulation in


Security, Identity, & privacy

Security, identity, and privacy are among some of the hottest applications of blockchain. With corporate data security breaches at an all time high, consumers are scrambling to regain control of their information. Join this track for a conversation on privacy, anonymity, and identity.


scalability & Interoperability

With the world watching, blockchains and cryptocurrencies are facing more pressure than ever to fix their scalability issues. Over the past year, companies and technologists have been working on Layer 1, Layer 2, and other unique solutions that enable blockchains to be interoperable and scalable.


Financial Services

Financial services is an important application of blockchain. From facilitating cross-border payments, to making the trading process more effective, banks and financial institutions have been digging into how blockchains will change the world they operate in.


Enterprise & Consumer applications

From dApps to enterprise blockchains,